Welcome to the Union Pariah Game Development site. Union Pariah is an independent team of game developers in Boulder, CO. The team was founded in Spring 2007 by a group of friends, who shared a common aspiration: game development.

Along with information about the team itself, this site acts as the home of our first and only project: Bellum Ex. Bellum is currently a 2-D top down space shooter that uses 3-D models. 2-D worlds like "side scrollers" have been all but abandoned by modern gaming. Casual, completely 2-D games sometimes utilize a 2-D implementation, but rarely does one see a game that has a 2-D world, and yet takes advantage of modern 3-D graphical modeling.

Belum Ex opposes this modus operandi. Our hope in Union Pariah is to create a game with both the innovation of the modern gaming era, and the basic perfection of the 2-D interface. It is our belief that this is a somewhat novel approach to game design, and more importantly, taps into an undiscovered region of gaming.

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