Bellum Ex is 2-D space shooter using 3-D objects. The basic gameplay is very similar to 1942 or The Gradius Series. Both of these excellent classic games were able to produce hours of excellent, challenging, and engaging gameplay. This success wasn't a result of storytellying, nor graphics. The reason these games caught our attention for so long is simply the responsibility of great gameplay. They were exciting to play, but difficult to master, something I find myself wishing for more and more as I play shooter after shooter.

Bellum Ex would like to recreate the simple perfection of the 2-D space shooter, while still utilizing the 3-D graphics of today's games. The game is being written in Java, using OpenGL graphics libraries.The design of the game will focus on capitalizing on the pure gameplay of a 2-D space shooter while showing off more tantalizing 3-D graphics.